Onboarding and guidance


We want new flex workers to feel safe, at home and valued with us. As soon as we have found the perfect candidate for your position, our onboarding programme starts. The candidate receives a detailed explanation from one of our recruiters with practical information about our work scheduling app, what to bring to work, calling in sick, holiday requests, transport planning, salary payment, house rules and contacts in case of questions. We take this off your hands. Nice and easy!


Would you like us to supervise our flexworkers on the work floor? If so, together we will decide to deploy one of our job coordinators. They guide the flexworkers from their first day at work and answer all questions about work. Besides the onboarding process, they also provide career guidance for the flexworker. Specific questions can be answered by our in-house specialists. We also have case managers for all questions concerning illness and absentence.

  • Onboarding prorgamme
  • One-to-one conversation
  • Coordinators on the work floor
  • Specialists with knowledge of all HR matters