Sometimes you have to insist to find your place, Borja tried to go to work in Holland in 2018 but finally it was not possible. Due to the unemployment situation in Spain, he remembered that longing to work abroad and looked for offers at InfoJobs.

Borja, applied to the offer and confesses that he had the heart and the intuition that it would not happen like the last time, he knew that this time it was his time to work in the Netherlands. Here we tell you the story of him.

As Borja well believed, he passed the interviews and the date to travel to his next destination was approaching. As the day approached, he got more nervous and told us the following: “I was thinking about the plane and it made me nervous, it was the uncertainty that the future was going to hold me. I come from Gran Canaria and had never left my home”.

Everything was going to get complicated when he landed in the Netherlands and his suitcase had been lost at the airport. At that time Borja had a really bad time, but from our agency we were able to help him with all the necessary documents to solve the problem. Borja in this regard is very grateful.

Once solved, he was able to fully focus on his goals: save money, gain independence and, above all, live the experience.

As for the work, he is very happy and describes it as: “another world”. He highlights the working conditions that he assures us are better than those that he has experienced in Spain in similar jobs. He likes the treatment he receives at his job and that the 3 breaks he has are respected. He considers himself lucky.

Borja misses resting, he tells us that he ends up exhausted every week, but that his friends propose to visit cities and he cannot resist. Since he is there he wants to take advantage of it to get to know as much as possible and absorb the Dutch culture.

Finally, Borja highly recommends this experience and says he has no complaints regarding salary or treatment. For him, it has been a beautiful experience and he receives exceptional treatment.
Borja, we want to thank you for your time in the interview and we hope that everything continues as well. It is a pleasure to speak with such a positive person who is so eager to enjoy this experience.


Sometimes destiny is responsible for making us return to the place where we felt comfortable. Something like this happened to our candidate Xavier, who almost by coincidence of destiny, ended up again in the Netherlands, where he tells us he is happy and satisfied. This is his story!

Xavier already knew the experience of working in the Netherlands, and had seen the benefits of living there. However, the pandemic ruined this Dutch life, and he had to return to Spain to be with his family.

After several months of searching for a job in Spain and experiencing lots of difficulties, Xavier was clear: he wanted to go back to the Netherlands to work. Suddenly, by coincidence, a friend gave him one of our job offers, and Xavier didn’t think about it, he decided to relive the experience, this time with T&S.

Xavier knew what it was like to work there and therefore he was a bit more confident, although of course he still had that initial uncertainty of not knowing what was going to happen. However, since his arrival, everything has been wonderful. He explains to us that it was curious from the beginning, because on his trip he met a boy who was also a candidate like him, and with whom he now shares a house.

He explains to us that this is the best part of his experience: his accommodation. Xavier is in a shared house with five other spanish guys, with whom he has already established a very good friendship, and that make his experience much more bearable and entertaining. In addition, this house is in an idyllic natural setting, which makes him feel much more relaxed and comfortable, explaining how pleasant it is to get up and see all the green landscape. All of this makes his experience much more satisfying, causing him to not miss his family so much.

It is true that he is honest to us and explains that the work is a bit hard for him at times, but it is something that little by little you get used to and that each time it becomes more bearable. Besides, he doesn’t always have to work, and when he doesn’t, he takes advantage of it to rest, to relax and to do a bit of sightseeing, explaining to us that it is easy to go to Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Thus, Xavier is realistic to us, he assures that the experience has its peculiarities, but that in general terms it is highly recommended. In fact, so much so that he intends to stay there longer, and he even tells us about a possible future in Holland. Be that as it may, Xavier is satisfied and grateful to TenSHolanda, even trying to get friends to go there with him.

It is wonderful to hear such positive stories as Xavier’s, and we hope that he will continue doing like that. And you? Why don’t you do like Xavier and have a unique experience working in the Netherlands? Apply now to one of our offers and give a change to your life!


Many times it is important to see things from new perspectives, choosing new points of view. Today’s experience, unlike others, focuses on a more adult and educated vision, the Armenio one, a candidate who arrived in Holland 6 months ago and who wanted to tell us about his adventure.

Armenio, of Portuguese origin, found himself immersed in the labor market due to the pandemic that excluded him because of his age, 49 years. However, he did not want to give up, and basing on the experience he already had abroad, he decided to try moving to the Netherlands, a country he knew and where he had heard that a better future would await him.

Thus, he began his search for jobs there, and he came across our company: TenS Holanda, and he simply applied through the web and we quickly got in touch with him. At all times he trusted our services, and felt confident in the decision he was making.

Armenio started his Dutch career as a Flexworker, working in several renowned companies in the Dutch logistic sector, gaining experience and improving his level of English. However, Armenio is realistic to us and under the honesty that characterizes him, he explains to us that the work is somewhat tiring, and somewhat monotonous. However, he does not care, he is happy with it, and he has adapted quickly. Also, although the people are somewhat independent, he has established relationships with some people and has come to learn a little bit of Spanish. But he does warn of the reality that he lives, although he prefers it to the one he had in Portugal.

In addition, Armenio was residing the first weeks with other companions in our accommodations, and although he was comfortable, it is true that his older age made his preferences and the ones of his companions different, being so a little incompatible. However, Armenio is very independent, and he has found his space in the Netherlands, a large room in the center of Waalwijk, where he has found the peace and quiet that he needed. Although he assures us that meeting people his age would be fantastic

All these efforts have a reason: the affect that he reaps for his wife, and as we already know “love moves mountains”, and in this case it is making Armenio live this experience in a solitary way for the moment so he can bring her there and start in the future an idyllic life together in the Netherlands. How romantic!

So, although Armenio misses the weather of his country, little by little he goes about his day to day at work and with his bicycle, which tells us that he had to get used to it because at first it was a bit difficult for him, something completely normal. Thus, although there are moments of all kinds, he does not lose hope or the intention to improve his situation and to finally be able to share his days with his partner. We are sure that he will achieve it very soon and that he will be able to.

Armenio is an example of never giving up, and how self-improvement and effort pay off very well. We trust that his love story will finally come to pass, and hopefully it can be thanks to TenS Holanda. And you? Would you also like to change your life and try the experience? Think no more! Contact us and try a new opportunity in the Netherlands


Tired of the heat and the bad work situation that she had in Spain, Joselyn, our today’s candidate’s story, decided to change her life and start a new one in the Netherlands, thanks to TenS Holanda. This is her story!

With 24 years old, Joselyn’s life in Palma de Mallorca was somewhat monotonous and simple. Like many young people, her work experience was cut short by the pandemic crisis, and tired of the Spanish labor system and the conditions they offered, she felt that she needed a change in her life. That change came from the hand of a friend of hers, who told her about the fantastic experience she was living in the Netherlands working, and that’s how Joselyn came to us, being Elena (Recruiting Consultant of TenS Holanda) the person in charge of designing her entire experience. When Joselyn saw that both stories matched, Elena’s and her friend’s, she decided to give this experience with T&S a try.

She took on the positivity that characterizes her, and she set out on her journey quickly. She was undoubtedly very excited and very expectant of what she expected, although she is sincere, she had a slight fear of so many unknown things, something that is completely logical. However, it disappeared quickly, because since she arrived, except for a small incident the first night, everything has been fantastic. Joselyn tells us that although she has a somewhat lonely character and enjoys having a good time with herself, she has felt accompanied at all times, both by the colleagues and friends she has met there with whom she has made great friends, and by Elena, who has been in charge of making her feel covered and supported at all times.

What she likes most about the experience is the work. She explains to us that it has nothing to do with Spain, that you learn a lot, and that although there are somewhat more intense moments, in her company care about listening, assisting, and always helping you. She acknowledges that every day is an adventure, and that she never knows exactly what will happen, but she explains that this is part of the experience, the amount of training she is obtaining, because she is also rotating in different positions, making it very stress-free and very bearable. In addition, she tells us that the atmosphere is very calm, although as in all places there is something, however, she takes it with a very good philosophy.

In her spare time, Joselyn takes the opportunity to take her bicycle and go for walks in nature and in Waalwijk, enjoying the Dutch scenery. In addition, with the friends that she has made, she has gone to know some cities that she has loved, especially Rotterdam, which she remembers as a beautiful place.

Finally, Joselyn explains to us that although she misses the sun and Spanish food, she does not plan to return anytime soon. She wants to continue living the experience and her journey through Holland, thanking T&S for having facilitated this change, and ensuring that it is a highly recommended experience, not only because you learn to live in a different way, but also because your personality grows a lot, making you going out out of your comfort zone and gaining a lot of autonomy.

So, we’re very happy to know that Joselyn still has a long way to go in the Netherlands, and that everything has been thanks to T&S. And you? Wouldn’t you like to have an experience like Joselyn’s? Contact us and give a change to your life in The Netherlands!


Why did you decide to choose T&S Holanda to go to the Netherlands?
I came to the Netherlands with another agency, but I had already contacted T&S before I came and I even had an interview with you, but it was with another agency that I came with. Honestly, the best decision was to move to T&S, The Netherlands always caught my attention, it was always among the countries that I would like to visit and well the occasion arose and I took advantage of it.

How did you find T&S?
On InfoJobs I was like crazy looking for work and nothing came out until I saw the offers from Holland and I thought: to prove that it is not.

Did you feel confident in the services we offered at all times?
I’ll be honest, I’m a very suspicious person and not at first. The truth is, it seemed too nice to me, but from the first contact with you I can say that you have always been very kind and attentive, any doubt or question has always been answered and right now I can say that I trust this agency a lot.

Before going to the Netherlands, what were your goals? Are being fulfilled?
Well, look, I had thought that it would be a period of work, save money and improve English just that, but apart from fulfilling those objectives I am making friends here, which was something I did not expect. Once there, how did you feel at first? Did you know how to adapt?

You were afraid? Did you consider going back to your country?
At the moment since my arrival in Holland I feel very good, I feel fulfilled, the Dutch are very nice. My English is not very good and they do a lot to understand you, that is something that I really appreciate because it happened to me from being traveling in another country and speaking in English and not making the slightest effort to understand you.

The adaptation was very easy for me, the truth is that at the moment I have not had any problems and it is not the first time that I have moved to another country so I have like that experience. I had planned to return to Tenerife in September / October this year, but these two months at T&S have made me rethink my future, I have not decided yet, but the balance is tilting to stay a good season here in Holland.

Would you recommend this experience? Why?
Of course I do, because I think it is a necessary experience to get to know another culture, learn a language, and you also earn very well, it is an incredible country, highly developed in every way and I think it is really worth it.

What would you change today during your stay there? What do you miss the most?
Without a doubt, the first thing that would change is the issue of coronavirus and restrictions, but it is clear that it is an issue that is getting out of hand. I would love to know what normal life in the Netherlands is like without the coronavirus, so I am considering staying longer than planned. For the rest, I would not change anything about my stay here, what I miss most without a doubt are friends and family as I think is logical.

How is your life there? What do you usually do on a day off, for example, and how is your life at work (you have a good time, sometimes it is a bit stressful, the idea does not convince you at all …)
In my case, I have free on weekends and I don’t always do the same, but it always tends to be watching soccer, playing it, having a few beers with friends and resting. As for the work life quite well the truth, I could not be happier, the colleagues are incredible.

I like the work itself, they respect the breaks and I don’t go out tired and not wanting anything like I did in Spain and in terms of stress, the truth is very little or no only the first day, but it is normal.

Extra comment:

I would like to highlight the issue of accommodation, without a doubt the worst thing that happened with the other agency was accommodation, being nice it was terrible and when I moved here …

I’m living in Waalwijk, in Workinn specifically, and I really give it a 9.5 / 10.

Something I regret is not having come with you because with the other agency I did the quarantine completely alone and at part of my pocket.

They were 10 days locked in a hotel room alone, on the third day I wanted to die and talking to people from T&S who quarantined you, apart from the fact that it was free, they quarantined people and they could talk, relate and already have someone known to start this journey.


Sometimes we want to go back to where we know we will be fine. Alberto had already been to The Netherlands and seeing an uncertain future in Spain, he decided to return. He describes the country as a highly developed country full of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

His adventure began thanks to a job offer that he found on the InfoJobs job portal. Alberto confesses that when he saw the offer he thought it was a hoax since it seemed all too beautiful to be true.

He applied to the offer and after passing the selection process and getting there, he realized that everything was a very exciting reality.

Alberto highlights the quarantine period that he had to go through when he arrived in the country, where he tells us that it was wonderful. A very well kept accommodation, a very nice atmosphere and you meet wonderful people.

Regarding work, he is very happy and tells us the following: “everyone is very kind and patient, they come to integrate you and I notice the employees much less burned than in Spain. In addition, breaks are always respected, it’s like A religion”.

Alberto feels that the work philosophy they follow is as follows: the happier and more motivated the employee is, the better he will work. This makes for a fantastic work environment.

He also highlights that he is meeting many Spaniards, since the agency tries to bring them together so that the adaptation process is faster and more comfortable.

Finally, Alberto confirms that he wants to stay as long as possible, since he has nothing to bind him to Spain and thanks to the salary he is paid he can save good money.

We want to thank you for the time you have dedicated to the interview and we hope that everything continues to go as well as you tell us. and you can be as long as possible


Joao found one of our job offers on Facebook and decided to pack his bags for the Netherlands.

What motivated him the most was the quality of life and the salaries that exist in Holland, this made him quickly choose this. experience.

Joao got in touch with several agencies, but the treatment and attitude of Lucía, one of our recruiters made him decide our agency to work for. He tells us that the process was easy and fast. Regarding the adaptation, he tells us that he has not had any problems, since he has experience living abroad.

In the workplace, Joao tells us the following: “The work is not very difficult and I really like this type of job. I am very happy, I have nothing negative to point out. “

To go to work, he is lucky enough to live very close and he only has to walk across a street. To do the shopping he usually travels by bike, although he tells us that one of his short-term goals is to buy a car there.

In his day to day, Joao goes to work, then does the shopping and then goes to a park to exercise because the gyms are closed. He has also downloaded an App to learn Dutch and spends some time of the day studying the language and integrating himself more in the country.

Finally, Joao assures us that from the beginning, he knew that he was going to be in the Netherlands for a long time and now he hopes to stay there for a long time.

In order to buy the car you need to be registered in the country and also a series of bureaucratic documents. Joao is very grateful to the agency, since they have been helping him in this process and every day he is closer to fulfilling his goal and buying a car.

We thank you Joao, for your time in the interview and your sympathy. We hope you can enjoy your car soon and that you continue to be just as happy on this adventure.


Sergio, from Fuerteventura (Gran Canaria) was on his island when a friend of his returned from The Netherlands and told him about the possibility of traveling to Holland to work and save good money.

His friend recommended our agency to him and Sergio got in touch to advance the process.

After completing the interviews, Sergio landed in Amsterdam and had to travel to the south of the Netherlands combining different trains. Our agency picks up candidates who land in Eindhoven and Rotterdam, but not those who arrive in Amsterdam.

This is something Sergio would like to see changed. He recognizes that it is easy to get around thanks to Google Maps and the good train connection, but it is always appreciated that, when you arrive alone in an unknown country, they can pick you up and guide you in your first steps.

He admits that at first he was suspicious, because he could not believe that they offered him so many good things. This made him initially think of this adventure as something short-term and fleeting.

Sergio’s goals at the beginning were: to earn money that he could not earn in Spain, and to get rid of the thorn of never having gone to work abroad and to live for himself.

Sergio recommends future candidates to look for good, comfortable and safety shoes with a steel toe. He repeats that it is essential that the boots are comfortable, since as an order picker you do many kilometers.

Finally, Sergio, already more integrated with the country, the culture and the mentality… has changed his mind and would like to stay in the Netherlands for two or even three more years.

As for work, Sergio tells us that it is a simple and comfortable task. On the other hand, he affirms that they have to walk a lot, about 10 kilometers a day and ends up exhausted, although he prefers it because it makes him more enjoyable.

As he says: “I have realized that here if you do things well, you have a good future.”

Sergio we really appreciate your time during the interview, and we also appreciate your recommendations that always help us to improve. We will value everything you have told us in order to continue improving and always giving the best possible service to our future candidates. Good luck in this adventure you are living!


Two years ago Patrick was looking to work in the Netherlands, he discovered T&S and was very close to leaving. At that time, the possibility of working in Spain arose and he had to decline this adventure.

More than 700 days later the Covid appeared, and he sadly lost his job. In that instant, he remembered that possibility of working in the Netherlands, two years ago. Patrick got down to business and contacted us. Yan (recruitment consultant) was guiding him throughout the process until he was able to reach the Netherlands.

He tells us that starting this adventure made him dizzy. He says that when you look on the Internet you find everything, and he tells us the following: “when I got here I realized that it is a defamation, from minute one I was told that the accommodations are simple and we usually share a room”.

At no time did Patrick think that he was being promised a paradise, he assures that the agency proposed some conditions, he accepted them and now he is happy working there and feels supported, especially with Yan, whom he describes as a person who is always there to help you. To show us this endorsement by the agency, Patrick told us about an experience he had shortly after his arrival.

When he arrived in the Netherlands, they gave him a bicycle so that he could get around. Patrick took the opportunity to take a walk with a friend of his and try them. During the ride, Patrick, who is 1.96 meters tall, was very uncomfortable on his new bike and called to change it.

After 15 minutes, the person in charge of the bike delivery arrived to give him one that better adjusted to his height. Bad luck was going to take its toll on Patrick, when shortly after being on this bike, the chain came off. He called again to have his bike repaired and, in just another 15 minutes, they were at his location to repair his bike.

This fast and efficient service pleasantly surprised him.

On the other hand, he also highlighted his stay during the mandatory quarantine for all those who travel to the Netherlands. He describes the house as a spacious and beautiful place, plus there were many Spaniards and it was a lot of fun.

The agency provides a basic food pack for each employee during quarantine. He confirms that although it is a basic pack, two weeks later he still had some unopened pack products. Also, Patrick points out that a vegetarian companion was changed from the pack to one that adapted to her diet

Lastly, Patrick told us about work, best of all. He tells us that the atmosphere is very pleasant, has fixed hours and a minimum number of guaranteed hours. At the beginning, the trainers taught him how to work, and on the second day they were already congratulating him because he worked at the same pace as the others.


Joaquín presents himself as a fighter, with a lot of ambition and very astute.

Joaquín wanted to go to the Netherlands several years ago to work, together with his friend Carlos (previously interviewed) and due to life situations, he could not leave and stayed working as a sheet metal worker and painter.

Once his contract as a sheet metal worker and painter was up, he called Carlos, who strongly recommended him to pack his bags and take the step of traveling there to work.

Luckily for Joaquín, it was the high season of work and as he says: “the stars lined up.” He gave himself everything so that he could do what he could not do a few years ago, travel to the Netherlands.

Holland is one of the most comfortable and simple destinations to emigrate in Europe, Joaquín in just a week and a half was already in the Netherlands, ready to work.

His beginnings were complicated: many hours of work, some difficult hours and, with so much demand for work, he had to spend the first month in accommodations more than an hour from work. Faced with difficulties, Joaquín became stronger, and did everything possible to reverse this situation.

After speaking with the agency, he was able to travel about 30 minutes away to work, and then go live in the same (private) building as his friend Carlos.

In the workplace, he tells us that everything is so well organized that you are not aware of the amount of work you do. Then, at the end of the day, you truly realize how much you are contributing.

Finally he tells us the following:

“I have met beautiful people and made incredible friends, but I can’t tell you that everyone is the same and perfect.

In general, the experience has been positive, I take incredible friends with me, I have no plans to return, I have a stable job and I want to continue here. Besides, I want to bring my brother”.

Joaquín, we want to thank you for your time for the interview and we hope you continue to grow professionally and personally in this adventure. We hope we can bring your brother and that you can enjoy this experience together.