Carlos, from Barcelona, ​​tells us how he is living his work experience in the Netherlands with T&S

Carlos had been unstable for a year and a half when he found the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to work. At that time he had to make a difficult decision since distancing himself from his partner and family is never easy.

He finally he applied to the offer and was selected to begin his adventure. The process tells us that it was complicated because, from one day to the next, the Netherlands tightened the restrictions on being able to travel. Luckily and after the good work of the recruitment consultants, Carlos was able to head to the Netherlands.

In order to be able to depend on himself, he decided to drive from Barcelona to the Netherlands. About 1,500 kilometers and more than 15 hours of travel. Carlos loves to drive and was even attracted to the idea of ​​going there in his own vehicle.

Once there, what he was most concerned about were the accommodations. Carlos had previous experiences working in other countries and sharing accommodation with other colleagues is not always easy. In his case, he is very happy with his accommodation and with his companions, so the few fears that he might have have disappeared.

On a normal day there, Carlos usually gets up early to study the firefighter or police exams; and to exercise. Later, around 12 noon, he goes to work and already returns home to have dinner and rest.

At work he is very happy and he admits to us that it is one of the best warehouses he has ever worked in.

Finally, Carlos tells us that, if both the company and he are still equally happy, he would like to be able to spend a year gaining experience and saving money.

From T&S, we appreciate his time and we hope that he can spend a year working with us and just as happy. Good luck in the oppositions and I hope you meet all your goals!

Georgeta & Petrica

Georgeta and her husband Petrică lived in Portugal for 20 years after which they decided to come work in the Netherlands so they could support their children and grandchildren financially, especially their grandson who has health problems.

As a young girl Georgeta always wanted to visit the Land of Oranges and the Land of Tulips, so the choice of moving to the Netherlands was the completion of her childhood dream. A few months after arriving they decided to apply for a job with T&S and moved again, this time from the north of the Netherlands to the southern region.

They found a team that Georgeta describes as being like a family. She enjoys the work and the multicultural environment, and especially appreciates the openness in communication between colleagues and the coordinators, the warm atmosphere, and the fact that everyone knows each other by name. She became friends with a group of ladies from Somalia and Turkey who she works with in her group and enthused about her first time trying homemade tzatziki that one of them made for her.

Petrică is content with his work as well, he is enthusiastic about the fact that there is no unneeded pressure put on the employees and notes that the general atmosphere on the work floor is happy and relaxed, it comes easy for him to do his work properly and with care.

In her free time Georgeta likes to read books, volunteer, cook, and bake cakes and sweets. Our own T&S team was pleasantly surprised when she baked us a cake for Christmas! Petrică used to fish as a hobby, but because of the pandemic he hasn’t had a chance to enjoy going fishing and instead spends his free time reading his Bible.

The pandemic has been a big stressing factor in their home country of Romania, so they are happy to be in the Netherlands, even though they cannot meet their friends outside of work because of the COVID-19 rules and regulations. Every day their prayers go out to their family who are in Romania.

For the near future they would very much like to remain in this current job. The work does not affect their health and it is stress-free, so they’d like to spend as much time as possible in this company to save money for their grandson. After a few more healthy years they are hoping to retire.

Thank you very much Georgeta and Petrică for your time in the interview, we hope you can continue enjoying the work and your experience in the Netherlands, and that your family are safe and in good health.


Today we have the pleasure of telling you the story of Carlos, a true fighter, who has overcome all the adversities that have appeared on his way.

His adventure dates back to 2015, when he went to the Netherlands to work with another agency, but the first month he charged negative. Luckily, he quickly found T&S and was able to change jobs, start living a decent life, and even learn a little Dutch.

In the beginning of him with us, he tells us that he always felt confidence and security. He assures us that he has always felt great treatment from the agency.

When he traveled to The Netherlands, his main goal was to find a job to live with. Carlos is an orphan and this has made him wake up a lot in life, knowing how to get chestnuts out of the fire in any situation.

Thanks to his level of English, Carlos has always chosen good jobs and this has led him to his current position in which he is very happy. He works in gardening with very good employment conditions, a great schedule and a good salary.

As for the houses, he himself now lives in a private accommodation, but he was also living in our accommodation. He fondly remembers the summer time, where he tells us that there was a great atmosphere and you had the feeling of being in a summer camp.

On the other hand, he also tells us that in winter he gets a little harsher because of the weather. He also emphasizes that problems in accommodation are usually caused by conflicts between roommates, in the end, you can have bad luck and be touched by a person with whom you are incompatible. Luckily, a move can always be made if such a case occurs.

Carlos tells us an anecdote in which one day while riding his skateboard to work, he had a collision with a bike and broke his hand. At that time he was going to have to be off work for 3 months and he preferred to be fired to collect unemployment and then be hired again. T&S got involved with it and it was successfully carried out..

Finally, Carlos wanted to thank Elena (Recruitment Consultant T&S) for her enormous work, who has helped him at all times and has always felt close to her.

Carlos, we greatly appreciate your time at the interview and we are thrilled to hear that you are so excited to be working with us. We hope that everything continues to go as well and that you meet all your goals.


David from Gran Canaria was on his island working as a diving instructor, his life’s work.

Unfortunately the current pandemic situation we are experiencing prevented him from continuing to work and he made the decision to travel to the Netherlands to work.

The decision to go to the Netherlands and not to another country was marked by the country’s own culture. David loves the mentality of the Dutch, he considers it a very developed, sustainable and modern country

He tells us that since he got in touch with Yan (TenS Holanda Recruitment Consultant) everything was very simple and fast. He tells us the following: “At first I thought it was very difficult to go to the Netherlands and then once you get on, it is faster than it seems.”

When he arrived he was under some tension about what he could find himself and, initially, he planned to stay there for a few months. Today, he is much happier and he wants to stay in Holland much longer than, a priori, he believed. In his own words: “I feel like I have to stay here.” In addition, he highly values ​​the treatment of Yan, whom he considers a fundamental support since he feels close to him and helps him with any problem.

He is currently sharing a room and as Yan advised him, this is sometimes a lottery. His partner is very calm and independent so he says he has no problem, although David, who considers himself very close, would like to have more conversations with him.

At the company he is super happy, he has learned a lot and they have taught him many things. He feels valued in his work and that is what matters most to him. He tells us that if they see that you work well, the company will focus on you and help you improve. He also stresses that he has had absolutely no problem with his payroll and is actually living well and indulging in certain quirks, such as self-made meals.

As for English, he improves it every day and he describes very well a feeling that has happened to many of us. He tells us that at first it was difficult for him to speak English and he was cut off, but there is a day when you click and everything flows.

David recommends this experience to his friends and believes that Holland is full of opportunities, and leaving Spain is an experience that makes you grow as a person and gives you things that you will not experience if you stay at home. It should be mandatory, it ends.

It is too early to say that he misses something, and in fact, he tells me that he is even getting sunny, something that for him was unimaginable when he got there. Although, like Portgual coffee there is nothing. Hopefully a cup of coffee from his land!, he laughs.

Finally, we wanted to thank David for his time during the interview. He has shown us to be a person who overcomes adversity, with great adaptability and a special sympathy. We hope you continue as happy as you are and have many successes.


What if I start to fulfill those dreams that one day I left unseen but not read?

That was exactly what happened to Kevin. 26 years of enthusiasm and his desire to be happy, made him go on a new adventure which he calls one of the best in his life.

He wanted to live in the Netherlands for a period of time. To work, to discover new horizons and to corroborate that the landscapes that he saw in Google images correspond to reality. After several searches on the Internet, he found our Portugal portal in which, by registering for a job offer, he contacted our human resources team and in just two weeks he was already starting to cross one of his dreams from his list: “Living off for a while. “

He trusted us from the beginning, since our human resources team tried to help him at all times, solving his doubts and questions so that Kevin could achieve the goal that he set for himself.

I don’t think I’ve met people as eager as him. Wanting to really dream, to try to meet goals and objectives. And that on top, fight for them to come true.

He admits that during the first days, adapting to the new environment was harder than usual. He was a little afraid of what was happening to him and when he went alone on more than one occasion he wondered if he had made the right decision, a question that every person who has gone to live in another country has done.

For him, effort in the workplace is essential, and despite working in extreme conditions at low temperatures, he says he is happy, that he is learning a lot of things thanks to his colleagues and professionals around him.

Although not everything is happiness, because it is true that when he gets home he does not feel completely comfortable and, it is not because of the other three boys with whom he shares the flat, but because of the dirty that was found in some parts of the house. However, there is nothing a good cleaning can do, and what is negative, they say, is not an option.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time at home, reading books, or resting. Especially resting. He says that since he arrived almost two months ago, he has barely had time to take a day for himself, where he can take a deep breath or listen to the sound of birds without any other concern.

It is too early to say that he misses something, and in fact, he tells me that he is even getting sunny, something that for him was unimaginable when he got there. Although, like Portgual coffee there is nothing. Hopefully a cup of coffee from his land!, he laughs.

For him life is learning. Understand something new every day, understand the steps, fight, live, enjoy, and start crossing out the list of dreams that remain to be fulfilled


Augusto, born in Argentina, was living in Barcelona and looking for work both in Barcelona and Madrid, but suddenly he came across a job offer in the Netherlands.

Augusto, aware of his good level of English, decided to take the opportunity and present his candidacy. After a process that he describes as: “short and certain, in these uncertain times”, he headed to the Netherlands. At first, he had fears and doubts, but once he arrived at our offices, everything he had talked about was coming true. His adventure was beginning.

In his early days, he started living in our lodgings. He tells us that many cultures lived together and although at first it can be shocking, later it is very positive, since you open your mind and learn about the cultural diversity of each one.

After a while, Augustus preferred to live closer to work, so he rented his own accommodation, in the vicinity of his employment.

His objectives in this adventure are: to work hard, since he had been inactive for a long time due to the pandemic; and get to know a new culture and country for him. After three months he confirms to us that everything is being fulfilled.

Regarding work, Augusto tells us that his company is very large, modern and very well organized. What he would improve is the relationship with managers and coordinators.

On a normal working day, he gets up at 6 in the morning and enters at 7. Then he leaves at 15:00 and, if the weather is good, several friends gather for a walk or go to a park.

Augusto loves music and that is why he takes advantage of many days to do rock, soul or even punk with a friend. Luckily, they have all the necessary instruments there and on rainy days it is the perfect plan.

He lastly recommends this experience to many friends who are unemployed and wanting to live abroad. Augusto emphasizes that it is a very comfortable country with many facilities.

Thank you very much Augusto for your time in the interview, we hope you can continue enjoying the experience and that you will soon release a rock album so we can listen to you.