Siomara was in the Canary Islands looking for work, and seeing the situation that is being experienced in Spain with the current coronavirus pandemic, she decided to look for work outside of Spain. Then, browsing the job websites, she found our job offer and decided to apply.

At first, she did not count on being selected, since her level of English was very basic. Luckily for Siomara, it was the season of high demand, a time when there is a lot of work and English is not as important as the desire and motivation that a girl like her can bring.

Before traveling she remembers that she was nervous about knowing and adapting to a new culture, but thanks to how determined she was to make this decision, she was able to face everything.

At the beginning, she was going to stay for a month, which is how long the high demand season lasts, but thanks to her good work and dedication, she has managed to stay longer.

As for English, Siomara, in these three months she feels that she is improving it a lot, especially listening. Between her work, in which everything is spoken in English and the roommates, who help her, she believes that she is making adequate progress in learning the English language.

Focusing on the workplace, she tells us that she loves doing such an active job. Being able to be moving and burning energy from one place to another, she tells her that she helps her a lot, since she is very hyperactive.

On the other hand, on rest days, Siomara loves to go with her bicycle to visit cities such as Waalwijk or Tilburg and take the opportunity to get to know the country. One negative aspect that she highlights is the price she paid for her bike, she cost € 150 and it was second-hand, although she sees the bike more worn. However, when she wants to return to Spain she can resell her bike for half of what she paid.

Now she has the objective of being able to rent a car to be able to visit the Netherlands and even to be able to go to Belgium or Germany to visit her friends.

Finally, she recommends this experience as she believes it is an opportunity where they make things easy for you, earn good money and, if you have an adventurous spirit, it is very interesting.

We want to thank Siomara for her time for the interview and we sincerely hope that she continues to be just as adventurous and enjoying this experience.

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