Sergio, from Fuerteventura (Gran Canaria) was on his island when a friend of his returned from The Netherlands and told him about the possibility of traveling to Holland to work and save good money.

His friend recommended our agency to him and Sergio got in touch to advance the process.

After completing the interviews, Sergio landed in Amsterdam and had to travel to the south of the Netherlands combining different trains. Our agency picks up candidates who land in Eindhoven and Rotterdam, but not those who arrive in Amsterdam.

This is something Sergio would like to see changed. He recognizes that it is easy to get around thanks to Google Maps and the good train connection, but it is always appreciated that, when you arrive alone in an unknown country, they can pick you up and guide you in your first steps.

He admits that at first he was suspicious, because he could not believe that they offered him so many good things. This made him initially think of this adventure as something short-term and fleeting.

Sergio’s goals at the beginning were: to earn money that he could not earn in Spain, and to get rid of the thorn of never having gone to work abroad and to live for himself.

Sergio recommends future candidates to look for good, comfortable and safety shoes with a steel toe. He repeats that it is essential that the boots are comfortable, since as an order picker you do many kilometers.

Finally, Sergio, already more integrated with the country, the culture and the mentality… has changed his mind and would like to stay in the Netherlands for two or even three more years.

As for work, Sergio tells us that it is a simple and comfortable task. On the other hand, he affirms that they have to walk a lot, about 10 kilometers a day and ends up exhausted, although he prefers it because it makes him more enjoyable.

As he says: “I have realized that here if you do things well, you have a good future.”

Sergio we really appreciate your time during the interview, and we also appreciate your recommendations that always help us to improve. We will value everything you have told us in order to continue improving and always giving the best possible service to our future candidates. Good luck in this adventure you are living!

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