Her name is Gema. She was born in Argüelles, a neighborhood in Madrid and decided to start a new adventure the last 10th January.

Two suitcases and a backpack in her back set course from Madrid-Barajas airport. Destination: the Netherlands. In the beginning, she felt fear, uncertainty. She wasn´t sure what she was going to find. The fact of starting a new stage and therefore living a new experience, was not a problem for her because she is so happy there, she feels confortable. That´s why she doesn´t want to come back to Spain from now.

The word that she repeats the most when you ask her about her adventure is “I´m very good” and sometimes she puts “mazo bien” typical pet word of Madrid. Thirthy-four years that have allowed her to discover the world through the multiculturalism that the Dutch country gives off. Friends. Romanians, Poles, Africans and Spaniards of course too, because Spaniards are everywhere, like her roomate, a girl from Malaga, her roomate who decided to start the same adventure as her, in a small house with a room with two beds, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Although she had never worked as a logistics operator in a warehouse, her environment made her feel comfortable and have control over the job in a short period of time. A higher salary and the security and tranquility of the place where she is living, are some of the factors that stands out. The fact of walking on the street alone at midnight and feeling 100% safe seems to her something new. Of course, she cannot miss her mother´s croquettes and lentils and the sun´s rays on her face. Because the Netherlands will be a dream place, but there is nothing like the good weather and Mediterranean food.

Anyway, her life there is not just work hours and hours. During her days off, she likes to ride a bike, discover new places, stay on bed longer than usual and is a fan of Netflix and blanket afternoons, on the most cloudy days. English begins to stop to be a problem in her life. With the help of her new family, the one she created there, have made today not a handicap. The Dutch is not her strong point but the main keywords are more or less under control.

She is Gema. This is her story. The one that has started in the Netherlands. I don´t have the pleasure of meeting her personally but I could talk with her by phone. A fun girl, who laughs and enjoys even the smallest details. A brave girl who one day decided to change her life, start a new life.

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