Carlos, from Barcelona, ​​tells us how he is living his work experience in the Netherlands with T&S

Carlos had been unstable for a year and a half when he found the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to work. At that time he had to make a difficult decision since distancing himself from his partner and family is never easy.

He finally he applied to the offer and was selected to begin his adventure. The process tells us that it was complicated because, from one day to the next, the Netherlands tightened the restrictions on being able to travel. Luckily and after the good work of the recruitment consultants, Carlos was able to head to the Netherlands.

In order to be able to depend on himself, he decided to drive from Barcelona to the Netherlands. About 1,500 kilometers and more than 15 hours of travel. Carlos loves to drive and was even attracted to the idea of ​​going there in his own vehicle.

Once there, what he was most concerned about were the accommodations. Carlos had previous experiences working in other countries and sharing accommodation with other colleagues is not always easy. In his case, he is very happy with his accommodation and with his companions, so the few fears that he might have have disappeared.

On a normal day there, Carlos usually gets up early to study the firefighter or police exams; and to exercise. Later, around 12 noon, he goes to work and already returns home to have dinner and rest.

At work he is very happy and he admits to us that it is one of the best warehouses he has ever worked in.

Finally, Carlos tells us that, if both the company and he are still equally happy, he would like to be able to spend a year gaining experience and saving money.

From T&S, we appreciate his time and we hope that he can spend a year working with us and just as happy. Good luck in the oppositions and I hope you meet all your goals!