What if I start to fulfill those dreams that one day I left unseen but not read?

That was exactly what happened to Kevin. 26 years of enthusiasm and his desire to be happy, made him go on a new adventure which he calls one of the best in his life.

He wanted to live in the Netherlands for a period of time. To work, to discover new horizons and to corroborate that the landscapes that he saw in Google images correspond to reality. After several searches on the Internet, he found our Portugal portal in which, by registering for a job offer, he contacted our human resources team and in just two weeks he was already starting to cross one of his dreams from his list: “Living off for a while. “

He trusted us from the beginning, since our human resources team tried to help him at all times, solving his doubts and questions so that Kevin could achieve the goal that he set for himself.

I don’t think I’ve met people as eager as him. Wanting to really dream, to try to meet goals and objectives. And that on top, fight for them to come true.

He admits that during the first days, adapting to the new environment was harder than usual. He was a little afraid of what was happening to him and when he went alone on more than one occasion he wondered if he had made the right decision, a question that every person who has gone to live in another country has done.

For him, effort in the workplace is essential, and despite working in extreme conditions at low temperatures, he says he is happy, that he is learning a lot of things thanks to his colleagues and professionals around him.

Although not everything is happiness, because it is true that when he gets home he does not feel completely comfortable and, it is not because of the other three boys with whom he shares the flat, but because of the dirty that was found in some parts of the house. However, there is nothing a good cleaning can do, and what is negative, they say, is not an option.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time at home, reading books, or resting. Especially resting. He says that since he arrived almost two months ago, he has barely had time to take a day for himself, where he can take a deep breath or listen to the sound of birds without any other concern.

It is too early to say that he misses something, and in fact, he tells me that he is even getting sunny, something that for him was unimaginable when he got there. Although, like Portgual coffee there is nothing. Hopefully a cup of coffee from his land!, he laughs.

For him life is learning. Understand something new every day, understand the steps, fight, live, enjoy, and start crossing out the list of dreams that remain to be fulfilled

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