Joaquín presents himself as a fighter, with a lot of ambition and very astute.

Joaquín wanted to go to the Netherlands several years ago to work, together with his friend Carlos (previously interviewed) and due to life situations, he could not leave and stayed working as a sheet metal worker and painter.

Once his contract as a sheet metal worker and painter was up, he called Carlos, who strongly recommended him to pack his bags and take the step of traveling there to work.

Luckily for Joaquín, it was the high season of work and as he says: “the stars lined up.” He gave himself everything so that he could do what he could not do a few years ago, travel to the Netherlands.

Holland is one of the most comfortable and simple destinations to emigrate in Europe, Joaquín in just a week and a half was already in the Netherlands, ready to work.

His beginnings were complicated: many hours of work, some difficult hours and, with so much demand for work, he had to spend the first month in accommodations more than an hour from work. Faced with difficulties, Joaquín became stronger, and did everything possible to reverse this situation.

After speaking with the agency, he was able to travel about 30 minutes away to work, and then go live in the same (private) building as his friend Carlos.

In the workplace, he tells us that everything is so well organized that you are not aware of the amount of work you do. Then, at the end of the day, you truly realize how much you are contributing.

Finally he tells us the following:

“I have met beautiful people and made incredible friends, but I can’t tell you that everyone is the same and perfect.

In general, the experience has been positive, I take incredible friends with me, I have no plans to return, I have a stable job and I want to continue here. Besides, I want to bring my brother”.

Joaquín, we want to thank you for your time for the interview and we hope you continue to grow professionally and personally in this adventure. We hope we can bring your brother and that you can enjoy this experience together.

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