Joao found one of our job offers on Facebook and decided to pack his bags for the Netherlands.

What motivated him the most was the quality of life and the salaries that exist in Holland, this made him quickly choose this. experience.

Joao got in touch with several agencies, but the treatment and attitude of Lucía, one of our recruiters made him decide our agency to work for. He tells us that the process was easy and fast. Regarding the adaptation, he tells us that he has not had any problems, since he has experience living abroad.

In the workplace, Joao tells us the following: “The work is not very difficult and I really like this type of job. I am very happy, I have nothing negative to point out. “

To go to work, he is lucky enough to live very close and he only has to walk across a street. To do the shopping he usually travels by bike, although he tells us that one of his short-term goals is to buy a car there.

In his day to day, Joao goes to work, then does the shopping and then goes to a park to exercise because the gyms are closed. He has also downloaded an App to learn Dutch and spends some time of the day studying the language and integrating himself more in the country.

Finally, Joao assures us that from the beginning, he knew that he was going to be in the Netherlands for a long time and now he hopes to stay there for a long time.

In order to buy the car you need to be registered in the country and also a series of bureaucratic documents. Joao is very grateful to the agency, since they have been helping him in this process and every day he is closer to fulfilling his goal and buying a car.

We thank you Joao, for your time in the interview and your sympathy. We hope you can enjoy your car soon and that you continue to be just as happy on this adventure.

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