Georgeta and her husband Petrică lived in Portugal for 20 years after which they decided to come work in the Netherlands so they could support their children and grandchildren financially, especially their grandson who has health problems.

As a young girl Georgeta always wanted to visit the Land of Oranges and the Land of Tulips, so the choice of moving to the Netherlands was the completion of her childhood dream. A few months after arriving they decided to apply for a job with T&S and moved again, this time from the north of the Netherlands to the southern region.

They found a team that Georgeta describes as being like a family. She enjoys the work and the multicultural environment, and especially appreciates the openness in communication between colleagues and the coordinators, the warm atmosphere, and the fact that everyone knows each other by name. She became friends with a group of ladies from Somalia and Turkey who she works with in her group and enthused about her first time trying homemade tzatziki that one of them made for her.

Petrică is content with his work as well, he is enthusiastic about the fact that there is no unneeded pressure put on the employees and notes that the general atmosphere on the work floor is happy and relaxed, it comes easy for him to do his work properly and with care.

In her free time Georgeta likes to read books, volunteer, cook, and bake cakes and sweets. Our own T&S team was pleasantly surprised when she baked us a cake for Christmas! Petrică used to fish as a hobby, but because of the pandemic he hasn’t had a chance to enjoy going fishing and instead spends his free time reading his Bible.

The pandemic has been a big stressing factor in their home country of Romania, so they are happy to be in the Netherlands, even though they cannot meet their friends outside of work because of the COVID-19 rules and regulations. Every day their prayers go out to their family who are in Romania.

For the near future they would very much like to remain in this current job. The work does not affect their health and it is stress-free, so they’d like to spend as much time as possible in this company to save money for their grandson. After a few more healthy years they are hoping to retire.

Thank you very much Georgeta and Petrică for your time in the interview, we hope you can continue enjoying the work and your experience in the Netherlands, and that your family are safe and in good health.

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