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Due to several reasons the demand for flexible workers will only increase in the coming decades. Fewer and fewer local employees are willing to perform simple, repeating tasks at minimum wage. According to research in the Netherlands we will have 1,3 million jobs in 2050 that cannot be fulfilled on a regular (or national) level due to aging and increasing levels of education. This implies that we’re facing an ever-increasing need for labour migrants. (source EU research 2014).

However, the effects mentioned for the local (read Dutch) labour marker also come into play for the labour markets (countries) where most labour migrants are currently being recruited.

The temporary employment sector will therefore have to recruit and select globally in order to meet the expected demands. A greatly improved quality in facilities for labour migrants, a higher quality in cooperation with hirers (customers) and internal business quality will play a decisive role in obtaining and maintaining their market share.


T&S Flexwerk’s mission is to provide a service within an intensive collaboration with its clients. This is precisely why the Partnershop Program has been developed, in which quality, security, flexibility and convenience are the vocal points for intensive cooperation.

Pro-active and strategic coordination with the client, specialized HRM knowledge from the temporary employment sector, expertise in recruitment, excellent execution of planning, administration and management and very extensive evaluations guarantee a solid basis for a long-term cooperation between T&S and all our customers.

The flexible workers are both employee and our colleague. It is imperative that all our flexible temporary employees are happy employees. While the customer holds that same responsibility at the workplace, T&S will do their utmost to create a safe place for them to stay that feels like home. It’s important they know what to expect. Clear contract and agreement, good accommodation, safe transport, social events and friendly support ensure that the temporary employees like to work and want to continue working through T&S Flexwerk.