Today we have the pleasure of telling you the story of Carlos, a true fighter, who has overcome all the adversities that have appeared on his way.

His adventure dates back to 2015, when he went to the Netherlands to work with another agency, but the first month he charged negative. Luckily, he quickly found T&S and was able to change jobs, start living a decent life, and even learn a little Dutch.

In the beginning of him with us, he tells us that he always felt confidence and security. He assures us that he has always felt great treatment from the agency.

When he traveled to The Netherlands, his main goal was to find a job to live with. Carlos is an orphan and this has made him wake up a lot in life, knowing how to get chestnuts out of the fire in any situation.

Thanks to his level of English, Carlos has always chosen good jobs and this has led him to his current position in which he is very happy. He works in gardening with very good employment conditions, a great schedule and a good salary.

As for the houses, he himself now lives in a private accommodation, but he was also living in our accommodation. He fondly remembers the summer time, where he tells us that there was a great atmosphere and you had the feeling of being in a summer camp.

On the other hand, he also tells us that in winter he gets a little harsher because of the weather. He also emphasizes that problems in accommodation are usually caused by conflicts between roommates, in the end, you can have bad luck and be touched by a person with whom you are incompatible. Luckily, a move can always be made if such a case occurs.

Carlos tells us an anecdote in which one day while riding his skateboard to work, he had a collision with a bike and broke his hand. At that time he was going to have to be off work for 3 months and he preferred to be fired to collect unemployment and then be hired again. T&S got involved with it and it was successfully carried out..

Finally, Carlos wanted to thank Elena (Recruitment Consultant T&S) for her enormous work, who has helped him at all times and has always felt close to her.

Carlos, we greatly appreciate your time at the interview and we are thrilled to hear that you are so excited to be working with us. We hope that everything continues to go as well and that you meet all your goals.

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