Augusto, born in Argentina, was living in Barcelona and looking for work both in Barcelona and Madrid, but suddenly he came across a job offer in the Netherlands.

Augusto, aware of his good level of English, decided to take the opportunity and present his candidacy. After a process that he describes as: “short and certain, in these uncertain times”, he headed to the Netherlands. At first, he had fears and doubts, but once he arrived at our offices, everything he had talked about was coming true. His adventure was beginning.

In his early days, he started living in our lodgings. He tells us that many cultures lived together and although at first it can be shocking, later it is very positive, since you open your mind and learn about the cultural diversity of each one.

After a while, Augustus preferred to live closer to work, so he rented his own accommodation, in the vicinity of his employment.

His objectives in this adventure are: to work hard, since he had been inactive for a long time due to the pandemic; and get to know a new culture and country for him. After three months he confirms to us that everything is being fulfilled.

Regarding work, Augusto tells us that his company is very large, modern and very well organized. What he would improve is the relationship with managers and coordinators.

On a normal working day, he gets up at 6 in the morning and enters at 7. Then he leaves at 15:00 and, if the weather is good, several friends gather for a walk or go to a park.

Augusto loves music and that is why he takes advantage of many days to do rock, soul or even punk with a friend. Luckily, they have all the necessary instruments there and on rainy days it is the perfect plan.

He lastly recommends this experience to many friends who are unemployed and wanting to live abroad. Augusto emphasizes that it is a very comfortable country with many facilities.

Thank you very much Augusto for your time in the interview, we hope you can continue enjoying the experience and that you will soon release a rock album so we can listen to you.

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