Many times it is important to see things from new perspectives, choosing new points of view. Today’s experience, unlike others, focuses on a more adult and educated vision, the Armenio one, a candidate who arrived in Holland 6 months ago and who wanted to tell us about his adventure.

Armenio, of Portuguese origin, found himself immersed in the labor market due to the pandemic that excluded him because of his age, 49 years. However, he did not want to give up, and basing on the experience he already had abroad, he decided to try moving to the Netherlands, a country he knew and where he had heard that a better future would await him.

Thus, he began his search for jobs there, and he came across our company: TenS Holanda, and he simply applied through the web and we quickly got in touch with him. At all times he trusted our services, and felt confident in the decision he was making.

Armenio started his Dutch career as a Flexworker, working in several renowned companies in the Dutch logistic sector, gaining experience and improving his level of English. However, Armenio is realistic to us and under the honesty that characterizes him, he explains to us that the work is somewhat tiring, and somewhat monotonous. However, he does not care, he is happy with it, and he has adapted quickly. Also, although the people are somewhat independent, he has established relationships with some people and has come to learn a little bit of Spanish. But he does warn of the reality that he lives, although he prefers it to the one he had in Portugal.

In addition, Armenio was residing the first weeks with other companions in our accommodations, and although he was comfortable, it is true that his older age made his preferences and the ones of his companions different, being so a little incompatible. However, Armenio is very independent, and he has found his space in the Netherlands, a large room in the center of Waalwijk, where he has found the peace and quiet that he needed. Although he assures us that meeting people his age would be fantastic

All these efforts have a reason: the affect that he reaps for his wife, and as we already know “love moves mountains”, and in this case it is making Armenio live this experience in a solitary way for the moment so he can bring her there and start in the future an idyllic life together in the Netherlands. How romantic!

So, although Armenio misses the weather of his country, little by little he goes about his day to day at work and with his bicycle, which tells us that he had to get used to it because at first it was a bit difficult for him, something completely normal. Thus, although there are moments of all kinds, he does not lose hope or the intention to improve his situation and to finally be able to share his days with his partner. We are sure that he will achieve it very soon and that he will be able to.

Armenio is an example of never giving up, and how self-improvement and effort pay off very well. We trust that his love story will finally come to pass, and hopefully it can be thanks to TenS Holanda. And you? Would you also like to change your life and try the experience? Think no more! Contact us and try a new opportunity in the Netherlands

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