Why did you decide to choose T&S Holanda to go to the Netherlands?
I came to the Netherlands with another agency, but I had already contacted T&S before I came and I even had an interview with you, but it was with another agency that I came with. Honestly, the best decision was to move to T&S, The Netherlands always caught my attention, it was always among the countries that I would like to visit and well the occasion arose and I took advantage of it.

How did you find T&S?
On InfoJobs I was like crazy looking for work and nothing came out until I saw the offers from Holland and I thought: to prove that it is not.

Did you feel confident in the services we offered at all times?
I’ll be honest, I’m a very suspicious person and not at first. The truth is, it seemed too nice to me, but from the first contact with you I can say that you have always been very kind and attentive, any doubt or question has always been answered and right now I can say that I trust this agency a lot.

Before going to the Netherlands, what were your goals? Are being fulfilled?
Well, look, I had thought that it would be a period of work, save money and improve English just that, but apart from fulfilling those objectives I am making friends here, which was something I did not expect. Once there, how did you feel at first? Did you know how to adapt?

You were afraid? Did you consider going back to your country?
At the moment since my arrival in Holland I feel very good, I feel fulfilled, the Dutch are very nice. My English is not very good and they do a lot to understand you, that is something that I really appreciate because it happened to me from being traveling in another country and speaking in English and not making the slightest effort to understand you.

The adaptation was very easy for me, the truth is that at the moment I have not had any problems and it is not the first time that I have moved to another country so I have like that experience. I had planned to return to Tenerife in September / October this year, but these two months at T&S have made me rethink my future, I have not decided yet, but the balance is tilting to stay a good season here in Holland.

Would you recommend this experience? Why?
Of course I do, because I think it is a necessary experience to get to know another culture, learn a language, and you also earn very well, it is an incredible country, highly developed in every way and I think it is really worth it.

What would you change today during your stay there? What do you miss the most?
Without a doubt, the first thing that would change is the issue of coronavirus and restrictions, but it is clear that it is an issue that is getting out of hand. I would love to know what normal life in the Netherlands is like without the coronavirus, so I am considering staying longer than planned. For the rest, I would not change anything about my stay here, what I miss most without a doubt are friends and family as I think is logical.

How is your life there? What do you usually do on a day off, for example, and how is your life at work (you have a good time, sometimes it is a bit stressful, the idea does not convince you at all …)
In my case, I have free on weekends and I don’t always do the same, but it always tends to be watching soccer, playing it, having a few beers with friends and resting. As for the work life quite well the truth, I could not be happier, the colleagues are incredible.

I like the work itself, they respect the breaks and I don’t go out tired and not wanting anything like I did in Spain and in terms of stress, the truth is very little or no only the first day, but it is normal.

Extra comment:

I would like to highlight the issue of accommodation, without a doubt the worst thing that happened with the other agency was accommodation, being nice it was terrible and when I moved here …

I’m living in Waalwijk, in Workinn specifically, and I really give it a 9.5 / 10.

Something I regret is not having come with you because with the other agency I did the quarantine completely alone and at part of my pocket.

They were 10 days locked in a hotel room alone, on the third day I wanted to die and talking to people from T&S who quarantined you, apart from the fact that it was free, they quarantined people and they could talk, relate and already have someone known to start this journey.

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