Sometimes we want to go back to where we know we will be fine. Alberto had already been to The Netherlands and seeing an uncertain future in Spain, he decided to return. He describes the country as a highly developed country full of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

His adventure began thanks to a job offer that he found on the InfoJobs job portal. Alberto confesses that when he saw the offer he thought it was a hoax since it seemed all too beautiful to be true.

He applied to the offer and after passing the selection process and getting there, he realized that everything was a very exciting reality.

Alberto highlights the quarantine period that he had to go through when he arrived in the country, where he tells us that it was wonderful. A very well kept accommodation, a very nice atmosphere and you meet wonderful people.

Regarding work, he is very happy and tells us the following: “everyone is very kind and patient, they come to integrate you and I notice the employees much less burned than in Spain. In addition, breaks are always respected, it’s like A religion”.

Alberto feels that the work philosophy they follow is as follows: the happier and more motivated the employee is, the better he will work. This makes for a fantastic work environment.

He also highlights that he is meeting many Spaniards, since the agency tries to bring them together so that the adaptation process is faster and more comfortable.

Finally, Alberto confirms that he wants to stay as long as possible, since he has nothing to bind him to Spain and thanks to the salary he is paid he can save good money.

We want to thank you for the time you have dedicated to the interview and we hope that everything continues to go as well as you tell us. and you can be as long as possible

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