Our flexworkers

Wellbeing of our flexworkers

T&S Group takes good care of its flexworkers. We make sure that we give our people occupational and social guidance. We have the philosophy that people are more productive if they feel at home, therefore we provide proper accommodation and decent transport facilities. After arrival in the Netherlands we start with T&S College to train the flexworkers, if necessary, in the Dutch language.  We organise a Big Christmas party each year starring famous Polish musicians and frequently we arrange soccer matches or other social activities.

With pride we operate our T&S Plus program; check out more information about T&S Plus+.

Our vision (mission statement) is clear:

  • We take good care of our people so that they feel at home and are satisfied.
  • Satisfied people are motivated flexworkers.
  • A motivated workforce gets more work done, with high efficiency, productivity and maximum        progression in the growth and development of your business.


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