Our flexworkers



T&S Group invests in their Corporate Social Responsibility in both internal and external dimensions. Internally we invest in Human Resource Management, health and safety at work, and management of environmental impacts and natural resources, for example in our green fleet and Headquarters.



Our new environmentally friendly headquarters was constructed with the ‘green idea’ in mind such as;  thermal insulating glass and recycled and natural materials. It is designed to maximise the use of natural daylight to use less energy. We incorporated an ‘ecolette system’, our toilets use rainwater to flush and the whole office is set up with motion-sensitive light sensors.

These techniques reduce the energy needs and costs significantly. T&S Group is and continues to be inspired by the 'green' idea.


Green fleet 
Our green fleet consists of only energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable cars and mini-buses. We train our flexworkers how to drive safely, responsibly and eco friendly.