Our flexworkers

Frequently Asked Questions

The list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us.

Our workers are available for a long or short period. On average flexworkers are contracted for 9 or 12 months for us. It is absolutely possible to hire people for a longer or shorter period; some of our flexworkers are already working for more then 10 years for T&S Group.

At the moment of signing in at one of our offices in Poland the work experience and education level has been verified. Only after intensive checks the flexworker will come to the Netherlands.  It is also possible to perform tests such as language skills, driving skills, colour blindness or technical map reading.

Briefly explained:

When a Client contacts T&S Group and requests a flexworker, usually we can fulfil this request with the workers we have on standby in our flexpool. If the request is for a specific application or a large group of flexworkers is needed, we will contact our own agencies in Poland. They will start the recruitment process straight away. After a successful selection the candidate will arrive in the Netherlands.

Most people in Poland speak some German and English. Most of them aged younger than 25 years followed English or German classes at high school. To avoid misunderstandings there is a dedicated consultant connected to the client and flexworker who speaks Polish and Dutch. On the first working day of the flexworker the consultant will be present to guide the flexworker and if necessary to translate working instructions.

In the event of any issues or inconveniences at the work place, the consultant is available 24hrs a day 7days per week to resolve them. 

Yes, similar to Dutch flexworkers our flexworkers need to have an insurance policy. We organise and arrange this. Upon arrival they get a BSN (Social Security Number) and we provide them with an ING bank account.

The locations of the accommodation are within commuting distances up to a maximum of 50 kilometers.

During the first 26 weeks of the assignment the flexi-workers will get paid according to the ABU CAO, after the 26 weeks it is obliged to follow the CAO of your industry. It’s also a possibility to apply your own CAO conditions from day one of work, in some industries this is favourable for your tariff. E.g. Horticulture Cao.

T&S Group is certified with Nen. During the last Nen-Inspection there was a result of zero non-conformities. To guarantee all our clients that we pay taxes in time we send monthly Tax service statements. It is also possible to open a so called G-Account. A G-account is a blocked bank account to make payments, solely and exclusively, to the Tax and Customs Administration. The purpose of a G account is to avoid a situation in which a supplier evades the payment of payroll taxes.

The Polish flexworkers get paid the same salary as their Dutch colleagues . Because of the fact that their transport costs and accommodation is taken care of it seems that they get paid less per hour. This is not correct, after all their monthly costs are kept low because of this system which means they save more a month.

T&S runs its own college for flexworkers, if further education is needed we offer this free of charge.